Microsoft Teams is an amazingly powerful collaboration tool that’s available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. At its core, it’s kind of like Slack on steroids, but that core functionality is just the tip of the iceberg. Because it’s integrated with the rest of Microsoft Office, it has so many powerful features. […]

When any healthcare business decision maker calls around trying to find out what IT Managed Services should cost, they quickly discover that pricing isn’t uniform.

As an IT Services company, our clients often ask: “Do I really need 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)?” While we believe emphatically, “Yes!” that you need RMM, let us try to help you understand why it’s needed.

You keep hearing the term being batted around in circles, but how have you answered the challenges of compliance standards? You’re aware of the HIPAA provisions, but do you have the IT provisions to answer them in full? Our strategic healthcare IT consulting will keep you securely in compliance across the entire reach of your computer network.

A major accounting software and cloud services company has been hit by malware, affecting their many clients across the US. Wolters Kluwer, a major provider of tax accounting software and cloud services, has been hit by malware. The many financial software services they offer to clients across the country have been down since Monday, May […]

It’s already obvious to most businesses that search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to business success. That’s because, being listed high in search engine results means a higher likelihood that consumers will go to your website and choose your company to do business with. But what about voice search optimization? Is your business ready? If you’re not familiar with the term, let’s […]

Healthcare providers have a legal obligation to keep patient data security, whether it’s at rest on a server or in transit to the cloud or a third party. To maintain regulatory compliance and the confidence of your patients, your practice needs to be vigilant in the technologies that it deploys to make sure that all […]

The self-proclaimed “search engine that doesn’t track you,” DuckDuckGo is likely the most successful search engine available when it comes to privacy and security. While Google remains the most popular search engine by far, many users are concerned about its practice of collecting and using your personal data. Namely, Google tracks what you search (yes, everything), stores […]

Before MACRA/MIPS, HIPAA enforced Meaningful Use requirements for healthcare practices and organizations that wanted to receive Medicare reimbursements. A number of things were required – one was an annual HIPAA Risk Analysis.

The red tape that normally surrounds the administration of patients in the healthcare industry is a leading cause of physician burnout, as many data experts have noted. Healthcare providers are responsible for a growing volume of paperwork and other off-patient work, and the trend towards greater bureaucracy seems to be inevitable. By some estimates, one […]