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Milton Computer ServicesThe Town of Milton is a contemporary suburban community in eastern Massachusetts that prides itself on a rich historical heritage, tree-lined streets, and acres of beautiful open space. Milton boasts the most privately and publicly conserved land within 20 miles of Boston, giving it a rustic atmosphere in close proximity to the cultural and business opportunities in the Greater Boston area.

In order to keep things running smoothly, the local town Government relies on Global Data Systems, Inc. to provide managed IT services and around-the-clock support.

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Issues Faced

As with any town Government office, almost all Milton business is reliant on IT software and support for day-to-day operations. The Milton Government relies on Global Data Systems, Inc. for several innovative services that ensure operations are always running smoothly, as well as thorough backups to provide peace of mind that disasters or hacks won’t result in the loss of any essential data or resources.

In one instance, a Town of Milton server was hacked and their team relied heavily on Global Data Systems, Inc. for assistance and support. Global Data Systems, Inc. immediately got to the root of the issue and helped the Town of Milton prepare for similar situations with a strategic plan and innovative tools such as a FortiGate firewall.

Similarly, the town also dealt with an incident where a server went down on a Friday – and Global Data Systems, Inc. was at their aid immediately to get them up and running quickly, with minimal downtime or disruption.

A Strong, Lasting Partnership

The Town of Milton has been impressed with professionalism and dedication that Global Data Systems, Inc. provides. As their IT partner, our team is devoted to ensuring that all of Milton’s IT needs are met with solutions optimized for their continued growth and prosperity.

Get in touch with Global Data Systems, Inc. for an IT partnership designed to ensure your operations are always running smoothly and effectively. Contact us at info@GDSConnect.com or (888) 849-6818 .

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