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If you’re in the market for an EMR Archival product, then you’re probably looking for a single resource that lists the most prominent vendors.



As an EMR Archival Solutions Company, we are often asked our opinion about other products. Because we believe firmly in answering the questions we’re asked, we put together this list of 5 other EMR archival solutions in alphabetical order.

1. Chart Online by MRO simplifies EMR archiving with a straight-forward process. MRO offers archival and cloud-based storage with their document management platform (Chart Online). While not as robust as other options in customizable features, Chart Online is one of the most economical systems available today.

MRO provides EMR extraction, migration and archiving services, designed for hospitals and health systems that have acquired new physician practices. And those that want to phase out physicians’ existing systems or EMRs and bring new practices onto a unified system.

MRO partners with a leading vendor for imaging conversion to extract images and associated data from current systems and then archives the records in MRO’s Chart Online.

MRO was established in 2002.

2. Health Data Archiver from Harmony Healthcare IT specializes in data archival during migration from legacy systems. Health Data Archiver extracts data from systems, migrating newer data and archiving older data while storing it for easy access.

Managing different data formats and converting and updating data files including demographic and financial information, Health Data Archiver aims to unify formats and visibility. Harmony Healthcare IT will consult with you on the who, what, when and how of legacy system health data storage, destruction and eDiscovery.

Harmony Healthcare IT was established in 2006.

3. LK EMR-Archive from Ellkay is a cloud-based EMR archival solution that keeps records searchable and organized by a read-only patient chart.

Archived information is organized in customizable modules and is hosted and maintained by the vendor in a secure environment. Unlike data archives that store legacy data in one tedious PDF, LK EMR-Archive keeps your legacy data intact. Clinical data is stored in discrete format—and patient information, PDFs, scans, and images are easily readable, and organized by patient chart.

LK EMR-Archive supports full and partial searches of patient charts by Chart Number, First Name, Last Name, SSN, or a combination of these. Patient information is organized in completely customizable modules based on the practice’s needs.

Ellkay was established in 2002.

4. VitalCenter Online Archival from Galen Healthcare Solutions provides access to data from your legacy systems in a single intuitive Unified Interface. VitalCenter Online Archival was designed as a companion tool to VitalCenter for EMR and patient charting but is flexible and works with other EMR source systems for archival.

VitalCenter Online Archival Solution is flexible — It supports dozens of EMR source systems including Allscripts, MEDITECH and Epic. It’s very secure and is HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant. Your data is always encrypted whether it’s at rest or in motion and boasts over 99.9% uptime SLA, point-in-time restore for up to 35 days, and triply redundant architecture.

Galen Healthcare Solutions was established in 2005.

5. Legacy EMR Data Archive is a cloud-based Archival System by GRM that allows the access of legacy EMR archive data and all patient information, including discrete data and DICOM images through a single interface. Personnel can now deliver faster, better quality patient care while administrators leverage data to run their businesses more efficiently.

GRM Information Management specializes in business process automation, outsourcing, and storage solutions. While Legacy EMR Data Archive is compatible with EMR platforms, their core focus gravitates toward storage and automation in the general professional sense, though full HIPAA compliance is guaranteed.

GRM’s Legacy EMR Archival Solution boasts data integrity, security, and accessibility in a scalable package. GRM has been providing document management solutions for over 30 years.

We hope you’ve found this helpful and wish you well on your journey to find the perfect EMR Archival solution for your practice, hospital, or Health System.

If you’d like to learn more about our EMR Archival product and what sets us apart as an EMR Archival vendor then please contact Global Data Systems.

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