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Healthcare IT Consulting & Solutions

You keep hearing the term being batted around in circles, but how have you answered the challenges of compliance standards? You’re aware of the HIPAA provisions, but do you have the IT provisions to answer them in full? Our strategic healthcare IT consulting will keep you securely in compliance across the entire reach of your computer network.

How do we do it for so many companies across the USA?

We gather technological leverage from many sources, including the GE Centricity healthcare IT cloud that we work within, and other areas we receive our compliance officer consultancy expertise.

About GE Centricity IT for Healthcare Providers

Centricity™ Healthcare Information Technology (IT) solutions for Integrated Care create actionable insight across the healthcare system and the care pathway, enabling better clinical and financial outcomes. GE Healthcare’s comprehensive portfolio of analytics solutions helps transform data into actionable insights. It also helps provide solutions that empower health systems to effectively manage their workforce to help lower labor costs, improve quality of care and deliver operational efficiencies.

IT Consultancy for Compliance Officers

We’re not the compliance officer per se, but we can help advise your compliance officer on matters regarding HIPAA and other compliance regulations, such as PCI/DSS.

With our healthcare IT consulting you’ll also be advised (internal IT and IT leadership) regarding the latest trends on how healthcare (covered entities and business associates) can use IT in a much more strategic fashion befitting your inherent organizational goals.

We help make sure that your company is conducting its business in full compliance with all national and international laws and regulations that pertain to the healthcare industry, as well as professional standards, accepted business practices, and internal standards.

The International Compliance Association breaks down the role of a compliance officer into two levels of responsibility:

  • Level 1: compliance with the external rules that are imposed upon an organization as a whole
  • Level 2: compliance with internal systems of control that are imposed to achieve compliance with the externally imposed rules.

“Most agree that raising awareness of risk, training, and advice are critical elements of the CO’s mission. Therefore, a good Compliance Officer has the demanding and complex task of fulfilling all these roles.” – Blandine Cordier-Palasse, Vice-President, and Co-founder of the Compliance Circle.

Not Just a Healthcare IT Thing

Yes, we advise on and provide many healthcare organizations with the IT services that keep them HIPAA-compliant; but, we also do that for any medical facilities, doctor’s offices, and hospitals in the United States.

Ready for a healthcare IT company with nationwide reach? No matter where you are in the U.S., you can call us at (888) 849-6818 or email us at info@GDSConnect.com and we will get you started with healthcare IT consulting medical facilities trust for the best IT solutions!

Who Offers HIPAA Compliant Healthcare IT Consulting?

Global Data Systems is who!

As you are well aware, your healthcare practice or organization is under continued and intense pressure to improve the quality of your patients’ health and comply with ever-changing healthcare regulations.

And while getting all of this done may seem impossible, the GDS team is here to pick up the IT side of the burden and enable you to meet – and even exceed – your business goals.

Our custom-tailored healthcare IT services allow you to:

  • Meet HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements;
  • Get an ongoing healthcare IT specialist in New England;
  • Relax – knowing that your systems are secure and compliant;
  • Enable your staff to get more done in a day;
  • Give your patients the best chance at a positive outcome;
  • Streamline your workflow;
  • Get the healthcare IT services medical facilities can trust!

GDS is One of New England’s Leading Healthcare IT Specialists.

We provide fully managed IT services, EMR software cloud-hosting services, and data interoperability services to a wide range of healthcare facilities in New England and across the United States.

We are the Healthcare IT support company that will serve your networking and compliance needs regardless of your location in the country, and provide ongoing expertise that allows you to reap the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity while reducing cost and risk.

Acting as both the vCIO and vCTO for your company, our tech support team keeps your technology working at peak performance, 24/7.

Our IT consulting for healthcare practitioners is collaborative because we serve as an extension of your own in-house team. Quite simply, we make your IT goals our goals.

And, with your information technology running at max efficiency, you’ll leverage all the benefits that outsourced IT service can bring to your hospital or other medical facilities.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to focus on patient care instead of struggling with constant IT maintenance and issues?

Ready for Healthcare IT Consultants With Nationwide Reach?

Whether you’re in Metro Boston, New England, or anywhere in the U.S., just give us a call at (888) 849-6818 or email us at info@GDSConnect.com and we will get you started with healthcare IT consulting medical facilities trust for the best IT solutions!

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