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Are you having trouble with your smartphone battery? Does it seem to lose its charge very quickly not long after you’ve charged it? We hear complaints about this issue a lot, which is why we’ve done videos on it before and why we’re revisiting it here.

The following is an overview of a recent video made by Steven Young in our weekly tech tip series. The steps provided can help you to sustain your smartphone’s battery life and get more enjoyment out of using it every day.

Check out these four expert insider tips on how to preserve and extend smartphone battery life:

1. Don’t Overcharge Your Phone

Once your phone is charged, don’t leave it plugged in. Doing so can overheat the battery and reduce the phone’s overall lifespan. When the battery reaches 100% charge, unplug your phone. Your battery will hold its charge much more effectively over time.

2. Adjust Brightness Settings

This little-known tip is so simple and effective, we wish more people knew about it. Now you do, and we recommend implementing it as soon as possible — simply go to Settings, Display & Brightness, and move the slider down to around 50% (or less.) This step can help to increase your smartphone’s battery life dramatically — by up to 60 percent in many cases.

3. Setting a Screen Limit

With this step, you can limit the amount of time you use certain apps that may be very draining on your battery. To do this, go to “Settings,” then “Screen Time” and designate a time limit for the app. After this period is up, the app won’t be usable until the next day. You will be locked out, but the app will be available again tomorrow. The result will be a significant conservation of your phone’s battery life.

4. Close Your Apps

Lastly, always make sure to close open apps that are not in use on your phone. This simple step can conserve quite a bit of battery life. You can close apps by double-clicking the Home button, or swiping up and holding (on the newer smartphone versions.) Please note that minimizing the app is not closing it; it’s kind of like background processes for a Windows computer. When you are finished using an app, get into the habit of closing it immediately. Your phone will hold a charge a lot longer.

We hope you’ve learned a lot from this week’s tech tips! Be sure to apply these four ideas as soon as possible for enhanced smartphone use. If you like, you can check out the original video here:

Feel free to browse our YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe. It’s our goal to make sure you always get the latest in expert technology tips to help make your life easier!

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