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HP, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, etc.:  when you’re looking for a new server, you’ll find there are plenty of options to choose from.


But you’re no IT expert, so how are you supposed to know which vendor actually offers the best product?

More often than not you’ll find that HP is your best option. There’s good reason why HP consistently makes more revenue from servers than its competitors, holding 27.9% of the market share with $3.9 billion in revenue in fourth quarter 2014, while Dell had the next-biggest slice of the market and was still more than 10 points behind with a 17.3% share and $2.4 billion in revenue.

HP not only makes more money, they also sell more units, leading the pack with 642,000 units sold in fourth quarter 2014 while Dell took 2nd place again with 529,000 units sold.

HP servers are rarely the most affordable option available, and yet somehow they outsell the competition. Just what is it that makes HP servers so popular?

HP ProLiant vs. Dell PowerEdge

HP’s greatest rival in the server game is Dell, with the PowerEdge series being Dell’s x86 answer to HP’s line of ProLiant servers.

How do they compare?

  • Performance: ProLiant Gen9 servers offer faster system deployment and more virtual machines per server than comparable PowerEdge servers
  • Efficiency: servers are never easy on your electric bill, but ProLiant has teamed up with Energy Star to produce the most energy-efficient servers on the market
  • Ease of Use: PowerEdge has plenty of features, but its interface is jumbled and difficult to navigate. ProLiant Gen9 servers offer just as much if not more functionality and they’re much easier to use
  • Customer Support: HP is the highest-rated server vendor in terms of customer support, with a heavy majority, 76%, of ProLiant users rating their experience with HP support and service as either “Excellent” or “Very Good”

If you’re going to invest in a server, why not invest in one of the fastest, easiest to use servers money can buy. Get a HP.

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