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The online threat landscape is expanding.

In 2014 alone over 300 million new pieces of malware were created. Also, last year 80% of attacks were entirely unique, so most of time signature-based antivirus software isn’t going to do you any good.

You need a living, breathing IT security expert to prepare you for and protect you from the hundreds of millions of threats that are out there.

A security breach will cost you, both in obvious ways (you’ll paying an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from data loss, and thousands of files are compromised in the average attack) and indirect ways (a reputation for losing private data will make it more difficult to attract potential partners and clients).

Here are 3 security concerns government organizations in particular need to be prepared for:

  1. Employee Negligence

Hollywood has shoved an image into our heads of security breaches happening because some cybercriminal is able to use their savant-like hacking skills to force their way through your defenses and onto your network.

But the reality is often more mundane than that.

A lot of the time data is compromised because it is (accidently, of course) handed right over. Indeed, in reality it’s usually an employee being tricked into saying a little more than they should, or following a link or downloading a file from an email that they should have known not to trust, that is really putting your data at risk.

Your employees have to understand how vital it is that they browse the web and open attachments responsibly.

Also, that USB stick with the company logo on it you found in the parking lot?

Leave it, or better yet, throw it away so no one else picks it up. That’s an old trick, so don’t get curious and plug it in to see what’s on it. If you do you’ll have just uploaded some malware onto your network for the cybercriminal who strategically placed that thumb drive back in your parking lot hoping someone would pick it up and plug it in (remember, the USB trick is how we got Stuxnet into Iranian nuclear facilities and used it to shut down their centrifuges).

  1. Mobile Devices and The Internet of Things

Security concerns for your {city} government organization go beyond your desktops and laptops.

Just about everyone has a smartphone now, and you’re going to have to secure those as well, especially since they’ll often be using unsecured public WiFi that might be teaming with cybercriminals looking to turn a shared connection into a golden opportunity.

Also, don’t forget about your printers. Yes, your printers: believe it or not, that’s another area you have to worry about cybercriminals attacking.

It’s convenient that your printers are wireless now, but that also means that, if unsecured, someone might be able to view every document that gets printed in your office, which may include sensitive information.

Global Data Systems, Inc. knows how to secure you from such attacks and keep all your devices secure.

  1. Cyber-espionage

Most businesses just have to worry about people breaking into their network for personal gain.

As a government organization you’ve got to worry about that too, sure, but there’s another threat lurking out there: cyber-espionage. It’s no secret that Russia and China, at the very least, engage in cyber-espionage on a huge scale. As a government organization in {city}, it’s just one more reason to invest in the best IT security you can find.

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