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Leaders of a company in the healthcare industry would want to understand compliance management. This includes requirements and guidelines from HIPAA and state legislation. With some requirements varying by state, it is even more important to have an experienced IT solutions company available to assist with software for EMR retention requirements, compliance management, hosting, staff communication, and operational support. The importance of policy compliance and awareness covers everything from training to procedures. Staff communication is one of the priorities, along with a regular security analysis. Retention requirements and other guidelines require a customized technology plan that can improve your healthcare or clinical operations.

Compliance requires certain planning for retaining and distributing medical records. Organized compliance management in healthcare also suggests efforts for the following:

  • Risk Assessments are implemented on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Vulnerability assessments are organized with reviews of all technology solutions
  • Patient communications are protected with correct policies and procedures
  • Business Associate Agreements are signed and reviewed regularly
  • Training requirements and policies are documented as an important ongoing process

Risk Assessments

Regular risk assessments include a review of compliance management policies and procedures. Retention requirements for EMR are important to consider for your staff with regular information security reviews confirming all records are protected. It is important to always have data safe, secure, and reliable for access from only the correct users. Ensuring ongoing compliance includes risk assessments on an annual basis and more regularly as you feel it is necessary.

Vulnerability Assessments

There should be a planned assessment of an organization’s technology, software, and equipment to check for weaknesses that could be used by unauthorized people (hackers) to damage the network. Identifying vulnerabilities is a requirement of HIPAA Security rules and states, ”The Security Rule requires entities to evaluate risks and vulnerabilities in their environments and to implement reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect against reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of ePHI.”Working closely with an IT solutions provider can help your organization’s technology security for overall systems, software, and compliance.

Patient Communications

Emails with patients should comply with communication procedures and compliance requirements for security. The emails should be encrypted or there should be a signed release by the person that gives permission to send emails. Better procedures include encrypted emails that properly record all communications. An experienced IT company, such as Global Data Systems, can make sure the records are protected as part of the policies. Also, the reviews of communications will be documented for compliance.

Business Associate Agreements

Vendors such as technology providers and billing companies that need access to electronic protected health information should have a signed Business Associate Agreement. Any vendor providing services that require access to protected health information should be included on the list of vendors providing Business Associate Agreements. With compliance management, it is understandable why you would want these agreements protected and part of a regular review of all vendors.

Training Requirements And Policies

State and HIPAA requirements should be communicated with documented training for employees. The policies should be included with the documentation and the ongoing reviews can be provided with regular assessments. With appropriate planning, the IT for a company can help with training for policies and procedures. Global Data Systems, as an experienced Healthcare IT Service Provider, can mitigate IT security risks, increase profitability through up-to-date IT solutions, and reduce costs. These solutions can also help make a company more productive, efficient, and increase staff morale. Leveraging technology can improve communications with staff and clients while providing higher levels of customer satisfaction.

An experienced IT company can help design the plans for compliance management. Regular assessments should cover all equipment, software, data, policies, procedures, and patient communications. With these assessments, a facility is taking care of good faith efforts that are easily documented and submitted if necessary. Making these regular checks as part of your procedures is a smart way to take care of compliance management, retention requirements for EMR, and the security required for patient communications. GDS, at http://www.gdsconnect.com/, is able to provide fully managed IT services, EMR software hosting, cloud services, and a range of other IT services. We are experienced working with healthcare facilities, medical clinics, hospitals and other covered entities and business associates across the United States.

Our managed IT services support teams can assist with everything for compliance management involving EMR/EHR archiving and hosting. Aligning your IT solutions to the retention requirements for EMR will help with your staff communications, systems, operations, and managerial planning for staff responsibilities. The EMR retention requirements are just one example of why you should work with GDS for aligning your IT solutions to ensure they meet your needs for a healthcare facility.

With the importance of compliance management, you would want to have the best IT company working with you for security assessments and policy planning. GDS’s IT consultants and support teams can provide industry-specific support solutions to fit the needs of your medical practice. Improved communication of requirements and guidelines in healthcare is often the best way to have a satisfied staff that understands the regular compliance reviews.

GDS works with Local Hospitals, Covered Entities and Business Associates Across the United States.

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