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GDS technicians stay well ahead of the curve with our progressive and proactive certification programs. We do so to provide you with top-quality expertise for the highest level of service. Training and certification of employees are painstaking and expensive processes in most industries, but in Information Technology, industry standards, trends and the dangers of incomparability, as well as bugs and the threat of cyberattacks, make up-to-date certifications an absolute necessity.


The All Too Common Problem of Low Certification Standards

Learning while on the job isn’t always ideal, nor is it always professional. Of course, we all love what the Internet makes possible for each of us. Unfortunately, the easy access to information has given many professionals a low barrier to entry and a low motivation to master the material. This is especially true in the field of IT support. Today, it is so common for IT techs to have low standards of training that slow, unresponsive and unreliable service is becoming the new normal. At GDS, that is unacceptable.

These “Google cowboys,” as we sometimes call them, forgo as much formal training as they can; instead, they rely on search engines to give them the information they need. While they are usually talented technicians, they often lack the drive and ambition to seek mastery of their craft, and unfortunately, many employers enable them to remain under-proficient.

While good search engine skills are important for just about every profession these days, here at GDS, we believe that good service means knowledgeable service. The difference comes when, after perhaps years of growing accustomed to IT techs never giving them an answer on the spot, they have to wait days to even get a guess at a diagnosis of the problem. It’s at this point that a fully certified and up-to-date professional can make a difference as great as that between night and day.

That’s where GDS comes in.

The Difference Expertise Makes

IT certifications give technicians a robust technical perspective on the machines and systems they service as well as the needs of the people they serve. When you get IT support from a well-trained technician with up-to-date certifications, such as the way that we insist all our techs stay, you will see the difference on the spot. Our professionals are not just prompted to keep up with all the latest skills and knowledge, but they are passionate about what they do.

A commitment to the craft goes hand in glove with an up to date certification process. Every time our IT staff encounter a client with a problem, they can give them the kind of assurance that only someone who really knows the trade can. Our techs will narrow down the problem to a short list of possible malfunctions right away- and they don’t need to spend an afternoon Googling the issue before they know what to do. That’s because they are fully trained and in the know about all the latest technology and the cyber threats and bugs that plague today’s office IT infrastructures.

Confidence is Critical in Uncertain Times

Up to date, IT certifications provide many benefits to both our clients and our staff. At GDS, we make sure that you’re getting the best service from the best people with the latest information available. That’s not an industry standard, unfortunately- but it’s our standard, and it’s our promise.

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