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So when you’ve reached your max frustration level how do you change IT providers? Not easily – we’ve heard…

“Switching IT service providers is a pain!” — We hear it a lot from frustrated business owners, CIO’s, IT Managers, – all of them.

Most don’t mind paying for good service, but they fear that it’s just too hard to move away from their existing IT provider to a new one. Let’s see… We’ve heard:

  • They know our passwords, or they won’t give us our passwords.
  • They’ll sabotage our network or systems if they find out!
  • There’s no ‘Out Clause’ in our existing contract. (Here’s a secret. There is when it’s for cause!)
  • They’ll shut us off

We’ve heard it all, and we can help.

Our process for onboarding new clients takes the worry away!

Step 1:
WE LISTEN to your current issues. We assess (in the background) to understand your environment. We can also review your current agreements to assist with notifications.

Step 2:
WE WORK with you to develop a plan with all of the SOP’s, SLA’s, and other S’s needed to get the job done:

  1. A plan is developed to resolve the issues.
  2. A plan is developed to onboard your environment into our program – with or without existing vendor’s cooperation.

Step 3:

  • We help you notify your existing vendor of your intentions.
  • With or without their help, we have a plan to execute.

Step 4:
We’ve solved your issues and are now monitoring your environment with a team of Help Desk experts ready to assist you and your staff whenever they have the next issue (let’s face it, there will be others).

Your Service Delivery Manager will set up regular visits and calls (you control the frequency) to review all aspects of our relationship and make sure you are 100% satisfied!

Let’s get started! Contact us at (888) 849-6818 or info@GDSConnect.com

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