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Thanks for your interest in Global Data Systems, Inc. (GDS).

We’ve been around for a while, since 1991.

We’ve seen a lot (let’s see four presidents, too many recessions, Novell, Microsoft, the Internet, the Dot-Com era, smartphones, and a whole lot more), but more importantly we’ve learned a lot!

We could go on and on and give you techno-rhetoric, but you’d probably quickly get bored and click on to something or someone else and truth-be-told we want you to read on…

Here’s the skinny. We’re an IT Service Provider that provides three types of services:

  1. Managed Services
  2. Cloud Services
  3. Professional Services (You know the project stuff)

There are different ‘flavors’ of services we provide, like Network Services , Security Services, and Virtual CIO Services.

We work with many organizations across many different markets, but we excel in the Healthcare, Local Government, and the Banking spaces.

And if you’re not in those markets don’t worry, because we certainly help companies in many other markets as well.

We’re pretty easy to work with too. Don’t believe us? Take a look at what our clients are saying about us!

So what else sets us apart from the rest? Our specialized expertise, in-depth knowledge, business background, and excellent customer service. That, and the fact that we have a great team of happy people that are ready to work for you!

So please look around, and see for yourself, some of the things we do for our customers, or if you’d prefer send us an email at Info@GDSConnect.com or give us a call at 888-849-6818.

Thanks for checking us out.

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