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Hackers Aim to Steal PII from Massachusetts Governments

Are You Ready to Defend Your Town?

Global Data Systems Knows How to Protect Massachusetts Governments from Costly Threats!

Massachusetts governments are at risk for attack! Remember the situation with Wayland? A hacker almost succeeded in withdrawing over 4 million dollars from the town’s bank account because they weren’t prepared with the right security measures in place. That’s why Global Data Systems (GDS) specializes in creating security and risk management programs for governments.

Cyber Security
Network Security

Think You’re Protected with Basic Anti-Virus Software? Think Again.

You Need a Proper Security and Risk Management Program to Combat Hackers!

We know basic anti-virus software is simply not enough to protect against hackers. You need a proper, comprehensive security and risk management program – and that’s exactly what we’ll create. We’re experienced with the regulations and policies that direct affect government agencies – and we’ll take a proactive approach to:

  • Reduce and minimize vulnerabilities including lack of proper security measures (firewalls, web-content filtering, etc.), as well as unsafe employee practices.
  • Establish an information security program that protects PII stored in the municipality management system, email, portable devices, and hard copy in filing cabinets.
  • Implement physical and technical safeguards that allow you to rest assured knowing all PII is protected against hacking, burglary, and other threats you need to prepare for.

We know that, aside from laws and statutes protecting each individual’s right to confidentiality, we need to protect PII (personally identifiable information) to avoid identity theft and financial fraud. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start defending your town; hackers are targeting you right now and you cannot afford to wait.

Your citizens are depending on you to protect them against identity theft and financial fraud. Don’t let them down. Discover how GDS will help you safeguard against costly threats. Call (888) 849-6818 or email us at now.