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Get to know one of GDS’ newest team members…Loreto Barbone

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Most of us would say they would take care of their family and give some to their favorite charity. Then probably go wild and buy a private island in the South Pacific, a 60-foot yacht, a Learjet and lots of expensive toys.

What would Loreto do?

Well, like you, he would take care of his family, and also his friends. Then he would give the rest to a charity for needy children (that he founded!) – “It’s About Caring For Kids” (IACKids). This tells us so much about Loreto and the kind of person he is.

Other than his family, friends, and of course, working with the team at GDS, IACKids is Loreto’s passion:

IACKids was started in 2012 to give back to families in the Greater Rochester New York area who were going through financial hardships due to their child’s severe illness. While the top priority is being with the sick child and managing their medical care, the financial burden associated with long-term hospitalization often adds an incredible amount of stress. When children are seriously ill, parents want to be with their child as much as possible, and because of that, they sometimes lose their job. In many cases, parents are forced to reduce their hours or take unpaid medical leave. During this time, they still have to manage their lives as they did before their child’s illness. They may have other children at home, monthly bills, rent, food and more. As contributing members of our society, it’s important to give back to those in need, and IACKids was created to do just that. It’s IACKids’ goal to empower the community to give back to these families in need so they can concentrate on their child’s illness and not worry about falling behind financially.

Back To Work

Loreto recently joined the team at GDS as the Business Development Manager. Sales and sales management isn’t new to him. He’s been in sales for over 12 years. And with a background in healthcare, he will be a fantastic representative for clients in the medical field.

GDS Is Serious About Our Employee’s Performance – But We Also Like To Have Fun

Loreto tells us what he likes most about working here is that everyone has a role that contributes to the company’s success.  GDS’s operating system (EOS), holds everyone accountable and provides processes to yield repeatable success. He’s right. We hold everyone on our team to a high standard, and thankfully they meet it. However, Loreto says that as serious as we are about serving our clients, that it’s also fun to work here.

Fun & Favs

Loreto loves watching sports. Teams that he roots for include the NY Yankees, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, the University of Michigan teams and Juventus F.C., a professional Italian football club in Turin, Italy.

When asked what his favorite piece of technology is, he answered his smartphone, because it provides mobile access to a multitude of platforms that make life easier.

His favorite historical figure is Abraham Lincoln, his favorite food is BBQ. His favorite pastime is playing soccer and his favorite book is Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker. This is fitting because along with his wife of ten years, Katie, his other “favs” are his two daughters, Ava (age 6) and Lena (age 4).

Other Likes

Whenever Loreto has the time, he’d like to take his family to Australia. And when asked what he’d do if he had an entire weekend to himself, he says that he enjoys driving his 1972 Chevy Nova SS to a rented house on one of the Finger Lakes where he and his family can relax and have some fun.

Words of Wisdom

With Loreto’s commitment to IACKids, his family, and helping our clients at GDS, it’s fitting that Loreto’s words of wisdom to us all would be:

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”
– Winston Churchill

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