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For most healthcare providers, upgrading to a new EMR or EHR system seems incredibly costly and daunting. That’s why a lot of healthcare providers will only convert clinical and/or financial data to their new system – leaving the legacy system up and running for the purpose of maintaining access to the rest of their information, such as historical patient data. This seems simple enough, right? Wrong. This tends to be a lot costlier than a lot of healthcare providers realize. You’re stuck paying:

  • Vendor maintenance and support fees: Even in situations where the software is operating in read-only mode, you’re still required to pay maintenance and support fees from the manufacturer.
  • Hardware maintenance and support fees: The hardware and servers that are required to run the system will still need maintenance and support. They’ll likely need to be repaired or replaced over the years, as well.
  • New staff training costs: Over time, fewer users will know how to properly operate the legacy system as new staff members are hired. This means you’ll have to spend money on payable dollars for time spent learning the system.
  • Lost opportunity for improvement costs: When your information technology resources spend hours dealing with the legacy systems, they lack the ability to devote time to more important projects and/or newer technologies.
  • Potential legal liability costs: If you’re keeping the legacy system but not continuing with a proper maintenance contract, your practice is at risk for costly legal liabilities.

Unfortunately, you’re paying the costs listed above for quite a length of time when you leave your legacy system up and running. In fact, depending on state and facility type, it could be anywhere from 7 – 25 years as that’s how long your medical records must be maintained. That’s a long time to be paying tons of money for more than one system. So why not simply upgrade fully to the new system instead of operating and supporting more than one system?

You need a proven data archival system to consolidate or upgrade your EMR/EHR system properly. Global Data Systems, Inc. is here to help – enabling you to make better care decisions than ever before in a team-based environment.

Global Data Systems, Inc. knows practices looking to consolidate or upgrade need a proper data archival system. According to a recent study, 90% of hospitals keep old systems running to preserve data while 8% of hospitals admitted they’ve upgraded but never migrated data to a new system. This is not only a huge legal liability risk but puts a major damper on the team’s ability to make good care decisions.

If you don’t want to pay tons of money to keep an old system running but you don’t want to struggle with migrating data to a new system, what do you do? Global Data Systems, Inc. developed ChartViewer, a solution that allows practices to keep their legacy EMR or EHR data in a structured and secure format that’s easy to use. If a data conversion from the old system isn’t viable, this is a great solution to start fresh with your new system.

ChartViewer is available in a standalone format or you can launch it easily within the new system you’ve implemented. If you need all of your data at your fingertips at a moment’s notice, it’s the perfect solution – enabling you to make better care decisions than ever before in a team-based environment. ChartViewer offers a multitude of great features:

  • Simplified cloud management of data storage, backup, and security
  • Multi-tenant, single-sign-on capabilities
  • Scalability to stay flexible as your size/number of users evolves
  • A powerful search engine for filtering and retrieving historic data
  • User-defined security permission levels for protecting data
  • And much more

You can store data temporarily or permanently depending on your unique needs. Plus, you can access data in the cloud OR from your new system with no software installed locally. It’s all web-based for greater accessibility and ease-of-use. For security and compliance purposes, all logins are tracked and audited so you know what’s being accessed and when.

Who Needs ChartViewer?

If your practice is currently running an outdated EMR/EHR system or you’re running two systems: an outdated one and a newer one because you’re afraid to lose data, our solution is exactly what you need. You’re able to give clinicians access to a 360-degree view or historic AND current information. Aside from significantly reducing costs, you’re able to improve service and patient outcomes in terms of consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. Ultimately, you’re also able to:

  • Comply with state and federal regulations
  • Quickly roll-out a new EMR/EHR system
  • Retire the high-cost legacy EMR/EHR system

Who is Global Data Systems?

Global Data Systems, Inc. is your trusted choice when it comes to IT support for healthcare organizations across the country. We’ve been around since 1991 providing a range of services including managed services, professional services, and cloud services. Our specialized expertise, in-depth knowledge, and excellent customer service set us apart from the rest.

Our team worked closely with experts in the healthcare industry to develop our EHR archival solution, ChartViewer, in order to help you consolidate or upgrade your systems easily and cost-effectively. Click here to find out more.

Call us at (888) 849-6818 or send us an email at Info@GDSConnect.com for more information on ChartViewer. We’d be happy to chat about what our EHR archival solution can do for you.

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