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Okay, let’s say it right at the beginning. – It’s not a good idea to operate on your own family, and it’s not a good idea for healthcare businesses to be operating on their own business technology.


Because a healthcare business has significant security, privacy, and compliance liabilities.

Having another company oversee your computers, network, security, IT compliance, and backup systems help mitigate some of your risks. Companies that specialize in Healthcare Technology Consulting take care of the day-to-day management, maintenance, and monitoring of your internal technology so you and your staff can have more time to deal with patients and get home at a reasonable hour.

Bringing in a Healthcare Technology Consultant is even better than having a colleague scrub in to help you out with a complicated surgery.

Healthcare Technology Consultants take on a load of caring for your entire IT infrastructure so you and your team can spend less time chained to your computers.

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, such as the GE Centricity healthcare IT cloud, a strategic Healthcare IT support company like GDS optimizes your systems locally and strengthens your technology footprint regionally and if necessary, across the continental USA.

What does GE Centricity IT for Healthcare Providers do for your organization?

It’s all about the insight that results in better clinical and financial outcomes.

Leveraging a holistic approach to analytics solutions, Centricity Healthcare Information Technology Solutions for Integrated CareFCGB VN brings together the data you need into a powerful portfolio and utilizes that data to provide visual layouts of trends and actionable insights. With these insights firmly in hand, a healthcare organization can improve patient care, take advantage of organizational efficiencies, and encourage a higher level of employee productivity.

This executive level of data gathering and intelligent data utilization allows the leadership of healthcare businesses to make choices that benefit both the patient and the bottom line.

Getting The Second Opinion Compliance Officers Need

Compliance officers in healthcare organizations are often tasked with several responsibilities, compliance is only one of their day-to-day concerns. As a result, compliance officers aren’t able to keep up with every nuance of IT compliance for healthcare the way a professional Healthcare IT Consultant can do. As a result, compliance officers are not confident in their approach to HIPAA and other necessary compliance regulations such as PCI/DSS.

By getting that second opinion from an IT professional that specializes in the healthcare field, your compliance officer can stay informed as to the latest updates to legislation and how that impacts your in-house IT strategies.

More than that, a Healthcare IT Consultant will help your compliance officer leverage new or emerging technologies to gain the most efficiency possible while still staying within compliance guidelines.

What Are Other Reasons There To Partner With A Technology Support Company That Specializes In Healthcare IT Consulting?

By focusing on aspects such as technology design, interface, implementation, and maintenance, Healthcare IT Consultants can move a technology from something that is cumbersome and time consuming to a tool that makes life better for the patient. In total, there are over 5,000 different medical devices in use today. Many of these devices are digital and connected to a computer. Because of this high reliance on technology, it’s essential to have an IT professional on your side that understands medical technology and how the various moving parts relate to the patient’s experience and outcome.

Innovation is a driving force in healthcare today. From computerized modeling of titanium implants to internal mapping of the patient’s anatomy, changes small and large impact your staff’s ability to do their jobs effectively. Technology that empowers employees to be more efficient in their job is far superior to technology that simply keeps your staff tied to their workstations and away from patients. A Healthcare IT Consultant will be able to help direct traffic in the fast lane of innovation and advise you on the best solutions to meet your goals.

Today’s patient is much more techno-savvy than the last generation. As such, they require a high level of communication and collaboration. Without professional processes in place, both patients and staff resort to two extremes. Either no collaboration and communication takes place and patients end up frustrated and angry, or patients and staff communicate and collaborate on social media and consumer-grade email platforms – leaving their private information vulnerable. By bringing in a Healthcare IT Consultant, you enable the free flow of secure information between doctor and patient.

Medical data hacks are more common than you might think. In fact, medical data is more valuable to a criminal trolling the dark web than your bank account or credit card information. Why? Because medical data tells him/her a lot more about you, your life, your health, and your family. Securing patient data has to be a priority. Besides the obvious ethical reasons for taking care of your patient’s confidential data, there are liability issues to consider and malpractice suits to avoid. And if all that weren’t enough, HIPAA audits and penalties are a serious driver toward hiring a Healthcare IT Consultant to scrub in and help you ensure that your organization is doing all it can to secure its data.

Using this powerful solution to retire your legacy data vendor and archive your legacy data in a way that is secure and easily retrievable is attractive to healthcare organizations. Having all that legacy data at your fingertips along with current EHRs is not only efficient for you and your staff, but is also advantageous for your patient. Why? Because the doctor treating the patient has access to both old and new records and because the doctor has quicker access to those legacy records – resulting in faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Bringing in an IT professional that specializes in Healthcare IT helps your organization to be more accountable and transparent, helps your staff to be more efficient, and enables better outcomes for your patients.

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