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Old Data

Changing the way you store patient data? Global Data Systems has the know-how to ensure not a single detail is missed. When upgrading your system, the ability to migrate and store an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) out of its native application into your new one is vital. If you are currently operating on apps like eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, GE Centricity or similar, Global Data Systems can assist you with moving your patient data into a secure and cost-effective database.

As New England’s leading healthcare IT provider, Global Data Systems is dedicated to helping clinics, independent medical practices and hospitals provide quality care for their patients. Our ChartViewer technology keeps your legacy EMR data in a structured, confidential and easy to use format. This way, starting fresh with your new EMR system will promote efficiency, help you remain in compliance, allow your patients to have more control over their own data and eliminate workload strain on your administrative office.

EMR data archiving solutions

Schedule your EMR data archiving discussion with us today.

EMR data archiving solutions

Schedule your EMR data archiving discussion with us today.


1 —————— HOW WE HELP

Our EMR Data Archiving Helps You:

Comply with Regulations

State and federal regulations still apply to old data. Our team of security experts ensure you remain compliant.

Access Important Data

EMR data archiving makes retrieving old data seamless so you can provide your patients with their data in a timely manner.

Keep Data Confidential

There’s no place for a hacker in your patients’ private data. We help keep them where they belong – out of your systems.

Get Expert Support

We work closely with your healthcare practice to answer all of your concerns and make EMR data archiving simple.


Our Healthcare IT Solutions Include:

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