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Meet Your Next Healthcare IT Provider, GDS

You know that medical procedures and devices quickly become obsolete – iron lungs, laudanum, and other old medical standards have been replaced by safer and more effective alternatives. It just makes sense.

The same is true of healthcare technology – it will never stop evolving, improving, and progressing. Just like how you and your staff work hard to keep up with changes in the medical field, the GDS team helps clients stay ahead of changes in healthcare technology.

You know firsthand that the organizational infrastructure of a healthcare practice is complicated, to say the least. Patients, practitioners, and other members of daily operations are constantly on the move, from one task to the next.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner that you can rely on to keep your IT systems running smoothly and seamlessly? Especially one that has experience working with clients in the healthcare industry?

GDS’ range of managed services helps healthcare practices across the country to establish better IT practices so today’s medical professionals can secure patient data, collaborate with their patients better, and keep providing the care for which they’re sought-after.

We take the stress out of your IT by managing it for you – simple as that. Our managed services for healthcare practices monitor your IT systems proactively to ensure that any issue is identified and remedied as quickly as possible.

We also offer a core suite of services designed with healthcare professionals in mind…

Support For Your Line of Business Apps

The modern healthcare environment is high-paced, varied, and ever-changing, requiring healthcare professionals to constantly adapt to patient needs, new changes in the industry, and a consistently dynamic workload.

In order to ensure the best quality of care for their patients, your care team needs tools that will help them continue to provide care from different locations and during irregular hours.

GDS offers the technical services you need to keep your specific line of business healthcare applications running smoothly. As veteran IT providers in the healthcare industry, GDS has the expertise and experience needed to support your doctor’s office, dental practice, or other healthcare organization’s healthcare applications.

Managed Security To Keep You Risk-Free

There’s no need to get into the nitty-gritty details about the importance of data security in a healthcare setting – you know what’s at stake for the many patients that trust you with their Personal Health Information.

Put simply? GDS will manage your security end to end so you don’t even have to think about it. Our healthcare security best practices include:

  • Equipping your practice with encryption and other techniques for data security.
  • Implementing a breach notification requirement, so that patients may take steps to protect their identity in the event of a breach.
  • Deploying a Two-Factor Authentication solution to protect you from password interception.
  • Implementing layers of security protection to eliminate single points of vulnerability.

Move Your Practice To The Cloud

The best way to increase your practice’s quality of care is to help your staff do their jobs better. We can equip you with a range of cloud tools that will give your staff the mobility, convenience, and range of options needed to become even more productive and effective:

  • Security and Disaster Protection,
  • Real-time business intelligence,
  • IoT augmented patient care,
  • Secure access to data where and when needed,
  • And more!

The cloud has replaced traditional healthcare technologies with digital alternatives that help to lower costs and allow for data integration and analysis, resulting in higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Cloud services provide healthcare computing solutions at a lower cost than buying or licensing them and facilitates the information sharing and collaboration physicians and patients rely on today. With cloud computing, IT resources can be accessed on demand and paid for as an operating expense.

With Global Data Systems as your partner in healthcare cloud technology, you can ensure that your practice realizes a vast range of benefits, including:

The Right EHR Solution, And Expert EHR Support – A Winning Combination

Most hospitals, practices, and clinics today have some type of EHR solution in place. The right system can revolutionize the way your practice provides patient care, and give your staff a significant productivity and efficiency boost.

But without effective IT systems and supporting infrastructure in place, your EHR solution won’t be able to offer your practice the stable and effective clinical data management platform it needs.

GDS can give you both – a top HER solution, and the IT support you need to keep it performing effectively.

Introducing GDS ChartViewer

ChartViewer allows physicians to access legacy data quickly and import that data into the new EHR software on as needed basis. GDS ChartViewer puts your practice in control of your data and the inclusion of that data into the new EHR.

GDS ChartViewer is perfect for practices that need to maintain medical records for seven years or more without the need of having to maintain all the hardware, software, and licenses required to run CPS or CEMR.


You’ve probably heard enough about HIPAA to last a lifetime, right? Each and every vendor out there that wants your business just keeps playing that one tune: “HIPAA, HIPAA, HIPAA”.

The GDS team isn’t interested in beating that dead horse any longer. Just like with cybersecurity, we know that you understand how important HIPAA compliance is.

We will help you manage it so that you don’t ever have to hear about it again.

Give GE Centricity A Try – You’ll Never Look Back

GE Centricity is an unparalleled EMR solution offers healthcare organizations a totally ambulatory EMR that integrates seamlessly with all aspects of their business, from revenue cycle management to practice management needs.

With this type of technology, you and your medical support staff can focus more directly on simply doing what you do best – taking care of your patients. We’ll ensure that you have convenient and simple online access to patient records when and where you need it.

Combined with support from GDS, Centricity offers you a number of key benefits:

  • Scalability: Centricity EMR is designed so that it can precisely fit the needs of your Dallas healthcare practice, integrating perfectly with your unique workflow and preferences.
  • Simple communication: Centricity EMR will enhance your team of healthcare professionals’ ability to collaborate on patient care by allowing you to easily (and securely) share data with existing clinical or financial systems.
  • Expert design: Centricity EMR even comes with a fully integrated Meaningful Use toolkit to ensure you have the help you need in careful preparation for an upcoming attestation.
  • Ideal specifications: Centricity EMR version 9.8 is PCMH pre-validated by NCQA to receive auto-credit toward NCQA’s PCMH 2014 scoring.

Tired of looking for an IT support provider that understands your industry? Partner with Global Data Systems to get what you’ve been looking for. For more information, contact Global Data Systems today at (888) 849-6818 or jyoung@gdsconnect.com.

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