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Healthcare-related businesses face a lot of challenges in today’s market.  With a job that is increasingly demanding and staff often severely overtasked, burnout is becoming more and more common. Ensuring that the right technology is in place and properly maintained to make your employees’ workday easier is the job of the healthcare IT consultant.

When healthcare workers experience emotional fatigue of this nature, there is a higher risk that the quality of care will suffer.  This situation can also have a negative impact on patient safety and proper work processes.

Involuntary test circumstances, studies have shown that healthcare staff working under a moderate workload can provide the highest standard of care for their patients.  To push employees beyond this level significantly increased feelings of burnout, overall negativity, extreme fatigue, and even depression.  Something has to be done to combat this problem, and healthcare IT consulting can help.

Safety, quality of care, and efficacy of workflow are of premium importance to healthcare businesses.  If the result of overtasked employees results in these measures being compromised, something has to change.

Providing needed relief for healthcare staff is critical.  But your budget is what your budget is.  Sometimes hiring additional staff to address the workload just isn’t possible.

If you can’t hire more bodies, what can you do to provide greater job satisfaction and productivity for your staff?

Outsource your IT support requirements to a company specializing in healthcare technology.

Technology plays a critical role in healthcare-related companies today.

But here’s the question —

Are your employees struggling under the weight of an IT infrastructure that isn’t as efficient as it should be?

Are your staff spending too much time on tasks that could be simplified with the right technology in place?

Healthcare IT consulting is one tactic that a company can employ to increase efficiencies and productivity while reducing unnecessary stresses and workloads.

Is your company as efficient as it could be?

It’s hard for healthcare professionals to be able to assess their technology needs to see if there are areas for improvement.  Why? Because you don’t do technology for a living.

But your business could have access to healthcare IT consulting in exchange for a simple monthly payment.  Ongoing healthcare IT consulting is the way to optimize employee effort, streamline processes, and elevate patient care.

Top quality healthcare IT consultants can reduce overhead costs, optimize and simplify IT acquisitions, and implement and improve protocols that will buy back valuable time in your employees’ busy days.

There are options out there that will help you and your staff get more out of your day.

  • GE Centricity Healthcare for the Cloud—Centricity Healthcare Information Technology is a system that provides actionable insight for healthcare institutions. GE Centricity assessments root out wasted resources and processes and recommend new strategies to improve overall clinic practices.  The assessments are conducted with an eye to fiscal responsibility and savings.  Reduced cost allows clinics to allocate funds for needed resources to improve working conditions for their valued staff and the quality of care for their patients.

Regular data analyzation provides insight into areas that could be tightened up to provide an ideal working environment for staff, a manageable workload, and improved patient care.

Among the many areas addressed by GE Centricity Healthcare are vendor management, employee scheduling and cost control, patient data, payroll processes, and business analyses.

  • IT Training for Compliance Officers—Healthcare IT consulting needs to be proactive to be of maximum benefit to a business. Part of that proactive approach involves a firm commitment to studying technology trends with an eye to potential organizational improvements.

One of the most critical departments in any healthcare-related business is the compliance standards division.  A healthcare IT consulting team will take the time to ensure that your company is fully compliant with all national and international regulation that governs the IT of your healthcare business.  The scope of this project is rather large.  It encompasses your practices code of conduct and your organizational processes.

The proper procedure for evaluating compliance adherence is two-pronged.  At the first level, a company is assessed according to their fulfillment of external compliance legislation from mandated governing bodies such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

The second level deals with company-instituted protocols for internal processing to ensure compliance regulations are strictly obeyed.

At either of these two levels, there may be room for improvement, and a professional healthcare IT consultant will find these areas and address them to help improve overall compliance operations.

Blandine Cordier-Palasse, Vice President and Co-Founder of the Compliance Circle, said,  “Most agree that raising awareness of risk, training, and advice are critical elements of the CO’s mission. Therefore, a good Compliance Officer has the demanding and complex task of fulfilling all these roles.”

Yes, the compliance officer has a big job, but an IT consultant specializing in healthcare can make his/her task easier.

  • ChartViewer EMR/EHR Archiver—All data on your systems needs to be securely archived. ChartViewer provides the latest and greatest data retrieval system to enable you to store and access archived documents and critical patient data whenever you need it.

Many clinics have been limping along with legacy data.  Retrieval times are exceptionally slow thereby adding to already busy and overly full work days.  It’s time to upgrade to a better system, and that’s precisely what ChartViewer offers.

ChartViewer allows healthcare staff to have access to a powerful search engine with the ability to source and retrieve data efficiently.  It is a user-friendly program enabling employees access to data simply.

ChartViewer is easily able to manage discrete, non-discrete, unstructured, and structured data including SQL and XML documents.   It systematically stores and organizes data according to its type and content.

Since QuickViewer is web-based, your healthcare IT consulting firm will not need to install any software at your office location, making it simple to install and use.

What else can be improved with healthcare IT consulting?

It’s not only compliance and healthcare operational practices that can benefit from healthcare IT consulting.  There are other internal processes that will benefit from the experience of professional IT consultant.

Some of the tools that a healthcare IT consultant will bring to the table to improve your operations are:

  • Cloud computing expertise
  • Managed IT services
  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity solutions
  • Business continuity planning
  • Data backup, restoration, and recovery strategy
  • Internet-based telecommunications systems
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Dedicated vCIO consulting
  • 24/7 help desk support

Through comprehensive systems-wide improvement, your healthcare business will be equipped with a pro-growth IT foundation that supports your workflow and helps you reach your organizational objectives.

Healthcare IT consulting equips you to:

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