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Wichita & Kansas City Medical Organization Connects With GDS For Healthcare IT & GE Centricity Hosting Services

Recently, a healthcare provider with locations in Kansas City and Wichita reached out to Global Data Systems (GDS) for help with their digital practice solution. As the leading healthcare IT service provider in the United States, GDS is uniquely qualified to help with migrations, optimizations and solutions like GE Centricity hosting that give you the tools to better manage your medical practice.

With the right practice management solution in place, companies can deliver exceptional care to their patients and families, improve communication, increase efficiency, boost employee productivity and keep patient data secure, protected and accessible.

The clinic that called recently needed to assess options for hosted medical practice management software like GE Centricity and make a decision quickly in order to find a solution that would suit its needs. GDS is the leading choice for all types of medical practices waning expert advice, project management, deployment, training and ongoing support.

What is GE Centricity?

GE Centricity is a product of GE Healthcare, a General Electric subsidiary. It provides various modules designed to help physician practices, hospitals, academic medical centers and integrated healthcare networks.

With GE Centricity, practices can integrate core practice functions, including:

  • Electronic medical records
  • Practice management
  • Medical imaging
  • Revenue cycle management

The Centricity Practice Solution helps boost both clinical and financial productivity. By integrating these modules into a fully connected system, practices are able to leverage the seamless interoperability to create better patient experiences.

What Are the Core Features GE Centricity?

GE Centricity offers three major features that give practices more control and capabilities than other practice management solutions.

  1. Interoperability. GE Centricity allows for a single source of data related to patients and finances, ensuring a more complete understanding of patient interactions and needs. If Centricity needs to interact with other clinical systems or financial tools, the solution allows for easy integration and connections of data to and from other products.
  2. Customizability. Each practice has its own unique workflows, preferences, fields and needs in a practice management solution. GE Centricity allows for practices to use built-in fields and workflows or customize what’s necessary to practice medicine better.
  3. Adaptability. As practices grow and needs evolve, GE Centricity scale accordingly. As regulatory requirements change, GE Centricity adapts with them, providing your practice with the technologies you need for accurate reporting, tracking and audit reporting to ensure full compliance across jurisdictions.

What Is GE Centricity Hosting?

GDS helps practices, hospitals and other healthcare providers maximize the returns on their investment in GE Centricity. By hosting your GE Centricity solution in the cloud, your practice can gain unprecedented advantages in speed, accuracy, scalability and security.

With a hosted solution, healthcare providers and office staff will have access to needed information from a connected browser with internet access. Your patient database will be housed on our servers, where we will manage, update and store your critical information.

Our services start with developing an integration plan to ensure a smooth migration of data from your existing medical software platform to a hosted GE Centricity solution. This work includes understanding your practice’s needs, challenges and expectations. We work with you to gain a deeper understanding of what your technical solution needs to address.

We complete a thorough evaluation of your existing systems and work to configure the new solution. Our work does not end when the solution is deployed. Among the services we provide with a hosted solution are:

  • Hardware and software installation, support and upgrades
  • GE Centricity license and warranty management
  • Operating system software, backups and upgrades

What Are the Benefits of GE Centricity Hosting?

When you make the call to move to a hosted GE Centricity solution, you leverage the considerable advantages of cloud-based systems.

  • Improved Accessibility: Hosted cloud solutions are web-based. You can access the applications via any connected browser from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones using Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Reliability: Hosted cloud solutions are built to be reliable. Our uptime rates are 99.99 percent and are monitored continuously to ensure your system is running and available whenever it’s needed.
  • Security: Keeping data secured is crucial, especially when it comes to private patient records. Monitoring and alert systems ensure that intrusions are detected, quarantined and destroyed before damage can be done.
  • Advanced Protection: Our data centers are rated at the highest tier, meaning they provide advanced power outage protection and fully redundant infrastructure, including servers, network connections, storage and power cooling. With end-to-end protection, our data centers meet the most stringent industry standards.
  • Predictable Costs: Your practice will know its monthly IT costs all year. Hosted solutions are provided at one low monthly charge that covers hosting, hardware, operating system and GE Centricity upgrades.
  • Staffing: With a hosted solution, you will have less need for on-site or contracted IT support. Existing IT resources can be shifted to work on other technical priorities.

GDS offers GE Centricity hosting and other IT services to healthcare practices nationwide. Our healthcare services include compliance consulting, wireless networking and business continuity planning. Contact us today for a free initial conversation with our experienced healthcare IT team.

GDS works with Local Hospitals, Covered Entities and Business Associates Across the United States.

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