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Does Your IT Provider Know How to Optimize Epic EMR Software?

The healthcare field has seen massive and rapid innovation thanks to technology. Most people immediately associate innovation in the healthcare space with groundbreaking surgery tools or international organ donation resources. However, technology has also changed the game in more practical ways for medical administrators and patients alike.

Particularly, the advent of EMR and EHR software has made it possible to store, access, share, and transmit patient medical data in a more streamlined way than ever before. Epic EMR is one of the leading providers of this kind of software and we’re hoping to explore all the details healthcare professionals should know about the software and how a strategic IT provider can help them make the most of it.

What is Epic EMR Software?

Let’s start by getting to the core of what Epic EMR software is and what the software does for medical administrators and patients. Epic EMR software was originally founded in 1979. Since then, Epic has become used across the globe as a reliable tool for sharing, storing, and accessing patient health histories.

First Things First: What’s the Difference Between EMR & EHR?

  • EMR – Electronic Medical Record

An electronic medical record is a practice-specific digital version of a patient’s chart. An EMR includes a patient’s medical history, diagnoses and treatments by a healthcare professional from a specific practice. The benefits of using EMR include: improved data tracking, streamlined appointment reminders, and improved patient experience

*This is what Epic offers.

  • EHR – Electronic Health Record

An electronic health record is a more inclusive version of a patient’s overall medical history. An EHR is designed to be shared among different providers to ensure streamlined access for authorized healthcare professionals when and where they need it. The benefits of using EHR include: streamlined and real-time of patient health information, access to decision-making tools for providers, a complete medical history of the patient.

Why Epic EMR is the Right Choice for Medical Administrators & Patients

Epic EMR offers huge benefits for healthcare practices of all shapes and sizes and their patients. Epic is designed to be the most comprehensive digital patient chart available to providers and patients alike.

Epic’s EMR software includes:

  • Patient experience resources like the MyChart function
  • Fully managed care experience optimization tools
  • Clinical care workflow and productivity tools
  • Specialized care modules for everything from cardiology to urgent care
  • Mobile capabilities for easy and secure access to patient data on any device
  • Telehealth services like consultation, referral, and patient monitoring tools
  • Time, cost, and payment tracking and processing tools
  • Regulatory compliance tools
  • Health analytics and community connection resources

Here are the biggest benefits of Epic EMR for healthcare practitioners and administrators:

  • Streamlined care and treatment experience
  • Central and secure access to patient data
  • Improved monitoring of ongoing patient care and communication
  • Boosts to practice productivity and efficiency
  • Increased mobile care and treatment capabilities

Here are the biggest benefits of Epic EMR for patients:

  • Improved care experience
  • Streamlined remote and mobile access to critical patient health data
  • Efficient treatment and care monitoring
  • Prompt and direct health updates, including test and treatment results
  • Centralized and secure access to digital health data

Why You Need an IT Provider Who Can Optimize Epic EMR Software

If you didn’t know what Epic EMR was before reading this, we hope you now have a good idea of what the software is designed to do, as well as the strategic resources that are included. Whether you use Epic EMR in your practice already or you’re thinking of implementing the solution soon, there’s a lot to be said for partnering with a professional IT provider to help you get the most out of your Epic EMR platform.

If you’re already on the hunt for an Epic EMR optimization partner, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of healthcare technology experts at Global Data Systems. Our team is committed to working with healthcare entities of all shapes and sizes to make sure that their Epic EMR software is positioned for long-term and strategic optimization.

Whether you’re using Epic EMR already or not, Global Data Systems can help you with:

  • Implementation and migration of all patient chart data
  • Optimization of Epic EMR speed and performance
  • Remote Epic EMR hosting and ongoing management
  • High-level data security, compliance maintenance, and disaster recovery
  • Ongoing and strategic Epic EMR support and consultation

Stop settling for less than optimal software situations. Don’t waste any more time trying to optimize your Epic EMR platform yourself. Reach out to the team of trusted IT professionals at Global Data Systems. Our team is on standby to help you get positioned strategically. Reach our team of experts anytime at (888) 849-6818 or via email at info@gsdconnect.com.

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