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Considering Paying a Third Party to Migrate Data to a New EHR System?

As technology improves and better options become available, more and more practices are moving from one EHR vendor to another. Physicians and their staff have had enough experience with these systems by now to know what they need out of their EHR, both for improving efficiency and workflow, and keeping with HIPAA regulations. But as beneficial as a move to a new system can be, it's not without its challenges. Many vendors are quick to assure new clients that they can migrate legacy data over to the new system, when in reality all they can really do is migrate patient demographics. To compensate, practices have been hiring a third party to handle the migration process for them. Aside from the fact that this service typically costs upwards of $10,000, there is no guarantee that when the migration is complete your practice will have gotten the results you were expecting. You've heard the old saying "If you want something done right, do it yourself"? This is one situation where that mindset applies – and with a bit of help from Global Data Systems, Inc. (GDS), you absolutely can do it yourself.

GDS ChartViewer

GDS ChartViewer is an application developed specifically to help practices manage their legacy data without worrying about the cost of hiring a third party, or maintaining the hardware, software, and licensing for old EHR systems kept around solely to act as storage. GDS ChartViewer allows physicians to export patient data from their GE Centricity™ Practice Solution (CPS) or Centricity™ EMR (CEMR), and store it on an encrypted storage device. Instead of relying on expensive "help", you can easily move exported data into your new EHR on an as-needed basis. ChartViewer gives you complete control over all of your practice's valuable data. The program can run on any system or server that uses an 64-bit Microsoft Operating System, giving your practice the flexibility to use ChartViewer in whatever way is most convenient for you.
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