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We Have an Efficient, Cost-Effective Solution!

Is your records department handcuffed to slow methods of retrieving legacy data? We’ve developed an elegant EHR software archival solution that will free up their time while giving you speedy, compliant, and secure access to the many legacy electronic medical records that you need to refer to each day.

Have You Switched Your EHR System and Are Now Feeling the Pain Of Accessing That Legacy EHR Data?

Years ago, EHR systems were selected based on price and limited functionality. Physicians and staff did not know what they were going to need for their processes until they started using the applications.

Now, with many years of experience, you know exactly what you need in an EHR software package and how it will help you through your internal workflows and aid you in complying with the regulations that are placed upon you.

However, when considering making a switch from one vendor to another, often there is little more than ‘lip service’ paid to migrate data from system to another. This leaves you stuck with cumbersome or expensive workarounds to retrieve the electronic medical records stored in the legacy system.

What to do?

Unfortunately, vendors will say they can migrate legacy data but in fact, can only minimal data and information. But you need more data…

Take the first step toward efficient EHR retrieval now. Call (888) 849-6818 or send an email to info@GDSConnect.com to speak to our healthcare technology professionals about GDS ChartViewer!

What Have Others Done to Deal With This EHR Software Problem?

Some have paid a third party to perform a custom migration project. These can typically cost a practice 10’s of thousands of dollars. And worse yet, it often does not produce the full results that the practice is expecting.

Others have kept the legacy application running, either on-premise or in the cloud. This too proves to be costly over the many years it needs to be able to be accessed.

These options are not ideal and cost a lot of money.

Global Data Systems, Inc. (GDS) Has the Efficient, Secure, and Compliant EHR Retrieval Software Tool You Need.

We have assisted many practices with this legacy EHR data retrieval problem by developing an application that is self-contained, secure, and less expensive than the other options.

GDS ChartViewer is an application that allows physicians to access legacy data quickly and import that data into the new EHR software on as needed basis. GDS ChartViewer puts your practice in control of your data and the inclusion of that data into the new EHR.

Ready to Know More About GDS ChartViewer?

It’s a Feature-Packed EHR Archival Application Designed to Meet the Specific Data Retrieval Issues Your Practice is Facing.

The Global Data Systems, Inc. (GDS) ChartViewer application allows a physician or practice to export all their GE Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) or Centricity™ EMR (CEMR) clinic data for all patients and store it on an encrypted storage device. The result is a compact standalone application that provides all historical data in a secure, easily accessed format that does not require a GE license.   The program can run on any computer, or server running a 64 bit Microsoft Operating System.

The GDS ChartViewer EHR software application is perfect for Clinics that need to maintain Medical records for seven years or more without the need of having to maintain all the hardware, software, and licenses required to run CPS or CEMR.

The Features of GDS ChartViewer Include:

  • The ability to create a portable copy of individual patient records that can be transferred to an encrypted CD or USB storage drive.
  • The capacity to eliminate maintenance of costly hardware, software, and licenses needed to run CPS or CEMR. – Saving your practice money.
  • The functionality to quickly search for specific patient-specific clinical information on the fly, including:
    • Chart Summary information
    • All completed encounters
      • Includes Physician Signatures
    • Lab Results
    • Radiology Reports
    • Problems
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Immunizations
    • Flow sheet information
    • Histories
    • Directives
    • External Scanned Documents from Document Management & Interfaces
  • The flexibility for Electronic Patient Information to be parsed by the Physician
  • The stability of a self-contained underlying database
    • Enhanced Search functionality
  • The simplicity of Copy and Paste functionality to place information into a new EMR
  • The optional feature capability of Integration with non-GE EMR systems

Working Closely with Industry Experts to Develop Top-Shelf EHR Software.

The Healthcare Information Technology professionals of GDS have worked closely with experts within the healthcare industry in the development of this EHR Archival solution. We have heard the stories of wasted time and money in dealing with legacy electronic medical record systems and have developed the GDS ChartViewer solution to address this need in your practice elegantly.

Let’s get started! Call (888) 849-6818 or send an email to info@GDSConnect.com now to learn more about our efficient, compliant EHR software option – GDS ChartViewer.

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