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Joe Young President & CEO of Global Data Solutions, tells us why investing in ConnectWise was a “wise” decision for our company and, ultimately, for you — Our clients!

What is ConnectWise and what convinced you to adopt this solution?

“ConnectWise is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform specifically designed for Managed Services Providers to improve business processes and maximize productivity. It’s the top-selling PSA platform for IT businesses today. GDS invested in ConnectWise so we could streamline our operations. This way, we can provide the best services possible for our clients.”

How has GDS benefited from using ConnectWise?

“With ConnectWise, our team is now even more efficient and productive than they were before:

  • They can take advantage of training through the ConnectWise Online University to learn how to implement new features that continually improve our business processes.
  • In addition, they participate in a knowledgeable community where other ConnectWise users contribute ideas. We use this to our advantage by incorporating useful procedures into our system. The benefits are immediate!”

How has using ConnectWise improved GDS’s ability to provide great client services?

Using ConnectWise was definitely a wise decision:

  • With ConnectWise, we can expedite the steps from when a trouble ticket is created, through its completion. All of our workflow rules are automated, which ensures that every client concern is properly addressed, and nothing is overlooked.
  • ConnectWise vastly improves our ability to add on services to an existing agreement when a client needs more capabilities.
  • Plus, we can more efficiently generate and send invoices, and ensure their complete accuracy.”

To learn more about how GDS uses ConnectWise to efficiently and effectively address your IT issues, contact us at: (888) 849-6818 or info@GDSConnect.com    

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