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What Is ChartViewer?

ChartViewer from GDS is a cloud-based solution and Data Archival Service that converts your legacy EHR data into an easily accessible, searchable, read-only archive. It’s organized by patient chart making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

ChartViewer doesn’t require additional servers, virtual private network tunnels, or network configurations.  And because your data is stored in our secure cloud, your legacy data will be available to you and your authorized staff at any time and from any location where you have a computer and internet connection. This means you can access the information you need from a computer, laptop, tablet, or even with your smartphone.

It’s important to note that Global Data Systems isn’t an EHR software vendor. We offer EHR Data Interoperability and Archival Services, so the data transfer process goes smoothly and you’ll always have access to your patient data.

“Why Should We Consider Using ChartViewer?”

Moving from one EHR (Electronic Health Record) to another is difficult enough without worrying about the integrity of your patient and clinical data.  It can be incredibly tedious and laborious if this is left to an individual staff member.

There are a variety of formats to use when transferring existing data into a new EHR. Full records can be sent using an HL7 CDA format, SQL queries, and/or proprietary import functions.  However, this process is prone to errors.

Did you know that 95% of the time healthcare organizations can’t migrate all of the data out of their old EHRs into the new one?

When your healthcare practice or hospital needs to transfer data from one EHR to another, using ChartViewer ensures all your legacy data is preserved.  It provides fast, compliant, and secure access to all of your patient data.

“How Will ChartViewer Ensure Our EHR Data Is Preserved?”

Our EHR conversion and archival team employ data continuity and migration strategies that result in better performance and functionality with your new database. They’ll also ensure the integrity of your data and that it’s safeguarded both during and after the transfer process.

Did you know that if you don’t rebuild all of your active patient charts, you could be faced with a lot of extra work and lost productivity? You could also face HIPAA violations and their resulting fines.

Using ChartViewer will help you:

  • Comply with State & Federal Regulations
  • Maintain Continuity of Care
  • Quickly Roll-Out your New EMR
  • Retire your High-Cost Legacy EMR

“Will We Always Have Ready Access To Our Legacy Patient Data?”

ChartViewer from GDS archives patient data permanently so it’s always on hand and easy for you and your staff to access. Without ready access to your patient data, in addition to HIPAA infractions, you could face legal problems:

Regulations in Massachusetts require that patient charts be kept on hand for 7 years for adults, and up to 18 years for children. Other states require even longer terms of up to 25 years. 

You can’t afford to lose patient data from your legacy EHR system when upgrading. And you certainly can’t afford to be hit with penalties and fines from noncompliance. ChartViewer from GDS archives patient data permanently to ensure you comply with these regulations.

“Will ChartViewer Save Us Time?”

We migrate all of your existing data into your application as discrete data elements. You won’t have to sacrifice any productivity or efficiency.

ChartViewer increases your staff’s efficiency by reducing the time they spend on data searches. Rather than going back and forth between the old EHR and a new one to search for the data, they can use ChartViewer to easily and quickly find the patient charts and information they need.

And, as you know, time is money.  ChartViewer costs less to run than using an old EHR for data archival.

“Can GDS Help Us Use ChartViewer?

Our team will handle all your data archiving needs before, during, and after the transfer process.  And they’ll train your staff to use ChartViewer to search for patient data.

“Will Using ChartViewer Improve The Functionality Of Patient Searches?

Our EHR conversion and archival team employ data continuity and migration strategies that result in better performance and functionality with your new database. They also ensure the integrity of the data and that it’s always secure both during and after the transfer process.

“What About Going Forward?”

Afterwards, we’ll ensure your new EHR interfaces properly with the other systems that you use.  You can choose if you want your data to be stored permanently or temporarily. No matter what you decide, you’ll always be able to access your old patient records whenever needed.

ChartViewer also provides:

  • A powerful search engine to filter and retrieve historical data.
  • Cloud management of data storage, backup, and security/privacy compliance.
  • User-defined security permission levels for data access.
  • Scalability for any number of users.
  • Multi-tenant, single-sign-on capabilities.

For added security, all user logins are tracked and audited, so you’ll know who requested what information and when.

Global Data Systems Is A Leader In EHR Migrations

Today’s new EHR systems can greatly enhance the delivery of quality patient care. And with a capable and experienced technology service company like GDS by your side, you can minimize any disruptions to your operations and always have ready access to your patient records.

Click here to learn more about GDS and our efficient, compliant EHR software option – ChartViewer.

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