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What Is GE Centricity EMR?

GE Centricity EMR Software is designed to integrate with medical practice management systems for physicians’ practices. Centricity also provides robust reporting on clinical outcomes that are critical for benchmarking your practice to peers nationally. As a result, you should be better prepared to participate in pay-for-performance medicine programs.

GE Centricity EMR has achieved ONC-ATCB 2015 certification, which will help meaningful users qualify for federal EHR stimulus funds. It’s also CCHIT Certified, exemplifying its broad and deep functionality.

What Are The Benefits Of Using GE Centricity EMR?

It’s Flexible and Scalable.

You can use Centricity EMR on its own or integrate it with other practice management solutions you may be using. This provides flexibility and scalability as you adapt to your organization’s changing needs.

You Can Use It To Lower Costs.

GE Centricity EMR provides features that can help you lower costs, improve patient care, and streamline patient management. Its intuitive interface lets your staff easily and quickly navigate through your patients’ charts to access data and documents. Plus, you’ll have all the information at-a-glance that you need to know before your patient visits. This increases productivity and lowers costs.

It’s HIPAA Compliant.

Centricity EMR meets all HIPAA compliance requirements so you won’t have to worry about the security of your ePHI. It stores your data securely.

It Will Help You Save Time.

Centricity EMR’s features make recording patient encounters and other data entry tasks faster. It supports dictation, so your staff’s hands are free to perform other functions. It also includes automatic code mapping after entering a diagnosis, so you don’t do need to search for relevant codes manually. It streamlines workflow and simplifies documentation of the correct diagnosis.

You Can Collaborate Securely.

Centricity EMR is a secure application for capturing and storing patient and medical records so you can share them with other stakeholders. Both providers and non-providers can collaborate on a shared interface. You can simultaneously work on a record in real time where entries are instantaneously revealed on collaborators’ computer screens.

GE Centricity EMR improves collaboration by helping you share data with existing clinical or financial systems. You can collaborate when, where and how you need to. All of your workers will be on the same page at once and can use this information to act on issues immediately.

You Can Take Advantage Of E-Prescribing.

Save time when prescribing medicine for your patients. Information will be relayed immediately so your patients can receive your orders instantly. They can get their prescriptions and refills without having to visit your office.

It Helps You Deliver Quality Care.

Centricity EMR has a Quality Care dashboard so you can track the level of care your patients receive. You can better assess the services they’ve received compared to best practices. It helps you measure their quality of care, so it can be enhanced if necessary. Plus, automated workflows and pre-built templates and commands can improve efficiency and effectiveness with more informed clinical decision making.

Engage With Your Patients Online.

Your patients can be more engaged in their care if you use Centricity EMR. Its online portal allows them to view their medical records and connect with you over the Internet. This also provides a venue for educating your patients by posting materials about illnesses they may have, remind them about appointments, post lab test results and more. When patients are educated, they are more compliant and become active participants in their healthcare.

It Interfaces With The Third-Party Applications You Use.

Centricity EMR seamlessly connects with other healthcare practice interfaces. It’s an EMR solution that works well with revenue cycle management and other practice management solutions. And GE will assist in implementing integrations to ensure your solutions run smoothly.

GE Centricity EMR Provides The Following Features:

  • Quality Clinical Reporting
  • ICD-9 & 10 Predictive Search
  • Automatic Mapping of Codes
  • An Overview Of Patients’ Information
  • E-Prescribing Capability
  • Quality Care Dashboard
  • An Online Patient Portal
  • One-Click Problem Entries
  • Meaningful-Use Forms
  • Meaningful-Use Consulting Services
  • Customizable Templates
  • Quick Text
  • Dictation Capabilities
  • Workflow Automation Capabilities
  • Embedded Checklists
  • Collaboration Capability
  • Reporting Functions

GE Healthcare was recently acquired by Veritas Capital and has since changed their name to Virence Health Technologies.

Does ChartViewer Work With GE Centricity?

Here’s A Story For You …

About three weeks ago a business found us via Google. They asked if asking if we work with GE Centricity. I wondered what kind of service they needed. They answered, “hosting.” Since we do a lot of GE hosting here at Global Data Systems, I said “yes” and started asking more questions.

As it turns out, they weren’t using GE at the time (they had migrated to Epic). But they needed to keep their GE Centricity up and running for their historical lookups of patients.

I told them about our ChartViewer and how it typically costs much less to move in that direction versus keeping GE hosted. They were VERY interested – so I sent them a quote and gave them a demo. They signed up for it within two weeks from the time they first contacted us. We started the onboarding of ChartViewer for them without a problem.

What Is ChartViewer?

ChartViewer from GDS is a cloud-based solution and Data Archival Service that converts your legacy EHR data into an easily accessible, searchable, read-only archive. It’s organized by patient chart making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

ChartViewer doesn’t require additional servers, virtual private network tunnels or network configurations. And because your data is stored in our secure cloud, your legacy data will be available to you and your authorized staff at any time and from any place you have a computer and internet connection. This means you can access the information you need from a computer, laptop, tablet or even with your smartphone.

It’s important to note that Global Data Systems isn’t an EHR software vendor. We offer EHR Data Interoperability and Archival Services, so the data transfer process goes smoothly, and you’ll always have access to your patient data.

Would You Like More Information About GE Centricity EMR & ChartViewer?

Contact the IT specialists at Global Data Systems (GDS) in Pembroke, Massachusetts. We’ll be happy to visit your healthcare organization and explain how we can help you implement best practices with the right technology.

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