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One of the first things we’re asked when speaking with a healthcare facility provider who’s interested in our EMR Archival solution ChartViewer is how much it will cost. Because ChartViewer is a product and not a service that requires consulting, planning, execution, and testing, it’s a lot easier to estimate what a deployment will cost.

Factors That Will Affect The Price Of ChartViewer

There are a number of factors that can impact the total cost of implementing ChartViewer. These include:

  1. The size of your healthcare organization.
  2. The number of physicians.
  3. The number of mid-level practitioners.
  4. The legacy EMR version.
  5. Storage requirements (if hosted).

Do You Want An On-Premise Or Cloud-Based Version?

There are two versions of ChartViewer – An on-premise version and a cloud-based version.

  • You can purchase the software where it’s deployed and operated at your healthcare facility.
  • Or you can choose a Cloud-Hosted deployment from our secure and compliant datacenter.

On-Premise Version of ChartViewer (at your site):

Database License Fee: $11,995.00

Physician License Fee: $1,195.00

Mid-Level License Fee: $597.50

Cloud-Hosted Version of ChartViewer:

Database License Fee (One-Time): $4,995.00

Physician License Fee (Monthly): $159.00

Mid-Level License Fee (Monthly): $79.50

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We’ve done a lot of work creating ChartViewer as a product versus a service to provide predictable costs and processes that make the implementation easy and straightforward.

If you’re ready to receive a demonstration of ChartViewer or a quotation for your practice, please fill out the attached form, or email us at Sales@GDSConnect.com.

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