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Does Your IT Service Provider Understand Centricity EMR?

Why healthcare organizations need IT providers that understand Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR is the trusted electronic health record software that countless healthcare organizations use to store, access, and transmit private patient health information. However, just because organizations have the solution in place, doesn’t mean they’re using it to its full capacity. We’re on a mission to make sure healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes are getting optimal and strategic use of their Centricity EMR platforms.

The Top Reasons Why Your IT Provider Should Have a Strong Understanding of Centricity EMR

When it comes down to it, healthcare organizations can benefit greatly from enlisting some professional IT support when trying to optimize their Centricity EMR platforms. With the right IT professional in their corner, healthcare organizations of all kinds can identify areas for improvement and go a long way in terms of getting more out of their Centricity EMR solutions.

The reality is, if your Centricity EMR software suite isn’t configured and positioned correctly, you could be missing out on the huge patient-care and productivity benefits that the solution is designed to offer. When you partner with an IT provider that has experience optimizing technology for healthcare professionals, you’re likely to see a huge improvement in the productive power your Centricity EMR platform provides.

Here are the top ways a properly configured Centricity EMR suite will benefit you and your team:

  • Strategic compliance maintenance

Healthcare companies are tasked with very unique compliance responsibilities. When dealing with confidential patient health information, upholding the highest levels of confidentiality and compliance is critical.

When configured properly and with the right IT support, Centricity EMR can help you ensure you’re fully HIPAA and SOC2 complaint. You can rest assured that your patient data is being stored safely in high-security data centers. Even better? The right IT provider will help your team understand the human side of compliance and will help ensure everyone on the team knows what’s expected and what’s at stake.

  • Improved patient experience

When you don’t have to be constantly worrying about your software issues, you can devote a lot more time to what matters – taking care of patients and providing the best possible care experience imaginable.

When you outsource to a strategic IT provider, with experience in the healthcare space, you’ll be doing your patients a huge favor. Let the IT professionals take care of all the technical details behind the scenes. The right provider will offer strategic consultation, quick response times, and proactive problem-solving so you can stay focused on patient-care.

  • Streamlined & optimized infrastructure and workflow

When your Centricity EMR suite is optimized, it won’t just be your patients thanking you – your team will thank you too. When your patient health record infrastructure is optimized, your team will have more strategic access to what they need when they need it.

The right IT provider will know how to streamline your Centricity EMR infrastructure and position your team for optimal productivity. This way, daily processes and workflows are optimized and your team works better together and with the many patients and third-party providers they’re in daily contact with. Simply put, Centricity EMR is the engine of your office, and the right IT provider will make sure its running smoother than ever.

  • Increased cost-efficiency

Healthcare organizations are constantly thinking about budget concerns. Making sure you’re getting work done in a cost-effective way is critical for healthcare entities of all shapes and sizes.

Luckily, Centricity EMR is designed to help your office work more efficiently and save costs in the process. However, the real cost-saving benefits come from outsourcing the management and optimization of your Centricity EMR platform to tech professionals. The right team of IT professionals will be able to completely optimize your Centricity EMR suite to ensure you’re getting maximum cost-saving benefits. The best part? They’ll do it all for a predictable, affordable, rate.

  • Forward-thinking, ongoing optimization

Centricity EMR has taken Cloud technology and harnessed it strategically for optimization in the healthcare sector. This means, you and your team can take advantage of Centricity’s ongoing, forward-thinking innovation.

What’s even better is that with the right IT provider, you can stay continually up-to-date with the best and most innovative features Centricity EMR has to offer. Maybe that means finding ways to reduce internal IT staff because your Centricity EMR platform is so well-optimized. Maybe it means you can take advantage of the scaling potential offered by Cloud-based Centricity EMR solutions. No matter what optimization you’re looking for, the right IT provider will have answers before you even have questions.

Searching for Centricity-Literate IT Providers: How to Choose the Right Partner

Now that you know the kind of optimization benefits that a properly-configured Centricity EMR platform can offer, it’s time to start your search for the best optimization partner. It’s critical that you find a provider who is familiar with Centricity EMR and has concrete experience helping healthcare organizations like yours optimize the platform.

If you’re already on the hunt for a Centricity EMR optimization partner, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of healthcare technology experts at Global Data Systems. Our team is committed to working with healthcare entities of all shapes and sizes to make sure that their Centricity EMR software is positioned for long-term and strategic optimization.

Whether your using Centricity EMR already or not, Global Data Systems can help you with:

  • Implementation and migration of all your EHR
  • Optimization of Centricity speed and performance
  • Centricity hosting and ongoing management
  • High-level data security, compliance maintenance, and disaster recovery
  • Ongoing and strategic Centricity support and consultation

Stop settling for less than optimal software situations. Don’t waste any more time trying to optimize your Centricity EMR platform yourself. Reach out to the team of trusted IT professionals at Global Data Systems. Our team is on standby to help you get positioned strategically. Reach our team of experts anytime at (888) 849-6818 or via email at info@gsdconnect.com.

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