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You don’t want someone who just knows computers.


You want someone who has experience with the exact kind of equipment you’re using.

HP was the top-selling PC brand in the world for years before Lenovo knocked them off that top spot recently, so there’s a good chance you’re working with HP computers in your office. Or if not computers, maybe you’re working with HP printers, or HP servers, or any one of the many products HP has released for enterprises and SMBs.

Whatever it is that’s HP, you’ll want access to IT experts who know how to maintain your equipment and quickly solve problems when something does go wrong. Remember, less downtime means your workforce will be more productive, and a more productive workforce means you’ll have an easier time meeting (and even exceeding) your revenue goals.

Problems that commonly plague HP equipment include:

  1. Laptops: Broken Hinges

One of the most common complaints you’ll hear about HP laptops is that their hinges are weak and break easily, and once the hinges are broken the laptop because difficult to open and close and you risk further damage (i.e. separating the screen from the rest of the computer) every time you use your laptop.

What makes this problem even more frustrating is that such damage is usually not covered under warranty.

So, be extra careful with your HP laptop. Treat it with care. Don’t throw it around. Some laptops can really take a beating; your HP laptop isn’t one of them. If your hinges do break, though, we’ll fix them for you.

  1. Printers: Wi-Fi Printing Takes Too Long

Ah yes, the printer. You can’t do business without them, but few things in life are more frustrating than printing issues.

 So, you’re now set up with new wireless printers, but when you use them it often takes a very long time between when you press “Print” and when the printer actually starts printing. Don’t you hate that moment? When it’s been one minute, then two minutes, then three, and you’re not sure if you should just cancel the print job or keep things simple by continuing to wait it out?

You shouldn’t have to deal with that. Global Data Systems, Inc. knows how to speed up your printers, with tricks like moving printers as close to the router as possible, as well as more technically involved optimization methods.

  1. Servers: Trouble Installing VMware on HP ProLiant Servers

VMware and its hypervisor ESXi is the crème de la crème of virtualization software, but a lot of people have trouble installing it on HP ProLiant servers.

Thankfully HP is well aware of this, and they’ve come up with a solution. Use their custom images instead of VMware’s default drivers and you’ll be fine.


There are far more issues than those three… but don’t worry, Global Data Systems, Inc. has experience with all things HP. When you have a HP problem, we know how to fix it and fix it quickly.

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