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Cybercrime Is On the Rise, and Global Data Systems Is Taking the Lead In Modern IT Security to Protect Your Business!

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The news is full of stories about data breaches on big-name companies like Sony, Kmart, and Home Depot… terrible tales of passwords, credit card data, and private personal information leaked out onto the Internet for criminals to run rampant with. Scary stuff! But you only ever read about that sort of thing happening to big-name corporations, so there’s no need for you to worry, right?


The truth is that small and mid-sized businesses are MORE likely to be targeted by cybercrime. In fact, most data breaches go unreported, and that’s why you only ever hear about the big names. Over 36% of reported cybercrime incidents in 2014 were for small businesses, and experts estimate the unreported percentage would be closer to 70%.

That’s why you can’t take your IT security for granted, and that’s why the team at GDS takes security seriously. Our CEO, Joe Young, will be attending this year’s MSPWorld Conference in Florida to learn more about new cybercrime trends and how to protect our clients from them!

The US Secret Service will be addressing the attendees of the conference on major new issues affecting network security, and passing along tips that will help us improve the security services we provide our clients. We’ll be discussing important topics, including:

  • How to recognize signs of email phishing attacks
  • New viruses and forms of malware, and how to both prevent and fix them
  • Cloud security and how to protect data stored offsite
  • Mobile device security and staying safe when out of the office
  • Security and regulatory compliance, including for HIPAA and PCI

As new threats emerge and new technologies are developed to defend against them, your IT company MUST adapt to ensure your security. That’s why our team never stops learning – we attend conferences, do research, and hone our practices to maintain your defenses every day, around the clock.

Learn more about how to keep your business safe from cybercrime – contact the team at GDS at (888) 849-6818 or info@GDSConnect.com to get started.

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