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To be able to offer our clients the full range of cloud services and cloud computing options – for us, this is the very heart of our approach to “cloud service.” And, to be a standout among other Boston cloud computing companies gives us the motivation to be able to provide innovative, integrative cloud solutions for any Boston business that needs them.

But, it goes much deeper than that for us.

It’s about having the right IT service specialists who are skilled enough to put their know-how to the best possible uses for our clientele.

It’s about building a foundation based on core principles, which, in our vision of what cloud services should be. Scalability, resiliency, cost-effectiveness, and security. From there, all paths lead to ultimate customer satisfaction and fulfillment of best IT practices.

And, it’s about doing the right thing, as opposed to the most profitable thing for our organization. Tin other words, it’s doing the right decision for your organization first, which means collaborating on strategies that incorporate your best long-term business interests.

Secure, Anywhere, Anytime Access to Your Data

In our current day and age, “secure business communications” has taken on a lot more dimension and meaning, more user responsibility, and more need for advanced technology solutions that make safe and secure data storage and access the very pinnacle of cloud computing.

And, we wouldn’t be worth our weight as a Boston cloud computing company if we weren’t able to offer as many options as possible for our fellow business entities in the community, would we?

There are many variables to consider as well, which any real cloud computing company in Boston will be on top of, such as:

  • Changing data storage, backup, and access
  • A fully-managed IT services option for cost-effective inclusiveness.
  • Providing needed upgrades and revisions to your infrastructure.
  • Specific cyber, data, and network security
  • Virtual desktops and remote workstations (Desktop as a Service, or DaaS).
  • Scalable hybrid cloud services options.
  • Permissions and authentication concerns, and much more.

With our Boston cloud computing solutions, you’ll be fully covered on all compliance and sensitive data management concerns as well (We bestow the HIPAA Seal of Compliance on our clients who are covered entities and business associates.)

We also make sure you’ll have secure, anytime-anywhere access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management Applications, Patient Portals, Secure Messenger, Broadcast Production Systems, CRM, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Exchange – all with advanced security and archiving capabilities empowering you.

Congratulations! Your search for a Boston cloud services leader is over.

A Dedicated Leader in Cloud Computing Services in Boston 

GDS is a proven leader in providing versatile cloud solutions for smaller companies in need of cloud computing services that can help them achieve their business goals. You can end your search for better cloud computing solutions in Boston MA with us, and rest assured you’re getting the best possible leadership in the cloud. Call us at 888.849.6818 or email us at info@GDSConnect.com to get started.

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