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There’s one thing that every business owner can agree on when it comes to IT:
You just want it to WORK.

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You want reliable systems that you and your employees can count on to keep operations moving and communications flowing.

So when your IT starts to slow down and your systems are connecting fast enough, it can mean big problems for a modern business!

That’s why the team at Global Data Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded our cloud hosting services to provide stronger, faster, and more reliable connections for all our clients across New England!

We employ 24/7 monitoring of all our services to ensure the best quality performance for our clients. Recently, our team noticed a dip in the speed of our hosted services that we know our clients depend on, and we got to work right away inspecting the problem. We learned that we needed to add in new hardware in our hosting data center to keep up with the demand on our services.

So we got to work right away.

By adding new hardware to our capabilities, we’ve not only restored the performance to what our clients were expecting, but went above and beyond where we were before:

  • Faster connections online to vital services
  • Redundant systems ensuring coverage even if one server goes down
  • Improved backup processes
  • Better performance from hosted applications
  • And more

We were able to add all these benefits for each of our clients without any added cost! That’s just one of the great benefits we’re able to offer with our cloud hosted services: Providing excellent, cost-effective service to all our clients.

Find out everything waiting for you with the New England IT Service from Global Data Systems, Inc.: Contact us at (888) 849-6818 or info@GDSConnect.com to get started!

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