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Protect Your Business Assets With The Best AppAssure Support In Boston

GDS knows downtime is inevitable – from floods to virus infections to power outages to accidental file deletions, there are far too many potential interruptions that can impact your ability to operate. You must be prepared by keeping the right data backed up and ready to recover in a moment’s notice. GDS is here to help.

AppAssure is a series of backup solutions designed to keep your vital business data safe in the worst case scenarios. With this trusted backup solution, GDS can help you better protect your otherwise irreplaceable business data.

Ensure your workforce is never crippled by an emergency – talk to GDS about our AppAssure support in Boston and how it can protect your livelihood. Get in touch with us at Info@GDSConnect.com or (888) 849-6818 today. 

What Does AppAssure Backup Offer Your Boston Business?

A recent Redmond Magazine Report showed that 75% of surveyed businesses experience tape failure every year; GDS can help mitigate this risk with AppAssure solutions that provide a range of benefits, including:

  • AppAssure can reliably backup your data without the risk of data loss, which eliminates the costs and resources associated with on-premise data protection solutions.
  • Power outages, cyber attacks, hardware issues, and human error are all common occurrences – and when they stop you from getting work done, there are major effects, such as lost wages, diminished productivity, unhappy clients, and in some cases, legal issues. AppAssure can help your business avoid unnecessary consequences.
  • This service is entirely scalable, meaning it can be designed to precisely fit your business’ needs.
  • AppAssure can backup a wide range of systems, including Windows and Linux servers (both physical and virtual).
  • AppAssure provides 5-minute recovery point granularity and aims for a Near-Zero Recovery Time Objective to help you avoid any unnecessary downtime.
  • With backups of your data and applications performed with AppAssure, you always have secure and easy access to everything you need to continue serving clients.

Get in touch with GDS to learn why AppAssure support in Boston is essential to preserve your business’ livelihood. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that absolutely everything is accounted for – reach out to us at Info@GDSConnect.com or (888) 849-6818 today.

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