What are the retention requirements for medical records?

Each Covered Entity and Business Associate is bound by laws of the state in which they practice as to how long the medical records have to be retained. The states’ retention periods can vary considerably depending on the nature of the records and who they belong to. Visit HealthIT.gov to view the record retention requirements for each state. Laws for retention can be modified by new state legislation so you should check regularly to make sure your retention policy meets the requirements of your state.

What is EMR archival?

EMR archival is the ability to migrate and store an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) out of its native application (such as eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, GE Centricity) and into a secure and cost-effective database that is easy to access.


What are the top five EMR archival solutions?

As an EMR archival solutions company, we are often asked our opinion about other products. Because we firmly believe in delivering the answers you need, we put together a video of five other EMR archival solutions.


Are there penalties if I can’t provide a patient with their medical record?

Yes, providing patients with timely access to their medical records is part of HIPAA guidelines. Therefore, not providing access would be a violation of the HIPAA privacy rule. Penalties for not providing these records are often monetary fines applied based upon the length of time passed between the original request and delivery of medical records or if the records were received at all.


Can I charge patients for medical records?

You can charge patients for their medical records within reasonable limits, but there are restrictions and guidelines you must follow. Under many state laws you are permitted to charge a per-page amount, such as one dollar. However, this can violate HIPAA guidelines. The Office of Civil Rights deals with topics like Access Guidance. They remind everyone that each state has its own laws regarding medical record access.


How much does ChartViewer cost?

Because ChartViewer is a product and not a service that requires consulting, planning, execution and testing, it’s a lot easier to estimate what a deployment will cost. Contact us today to get your estimate.


How easy is it to switch healthcare IT companies?

With an experienced healthcare IT provider, it’s not difficult to make the switch. It’s actually very easy if a number of variables – how much you know about your infrastructure, how robust your documentation system is, who owns your hardware – are met. How you approach these variables will determine how smooth the transition will be.


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