Our History

From our humble beginnings in 1991, Global Data Systems has grown from a small IT company serving healthcare providers in New England to an industry leader. We’ve evolved over the years to provide the most cutting-edge managed IT and EMR solutions. Our goal since day one has been to provide our clients with the most reliable, best-in-class service to help their businesses reach new heights.

IT services

Find out more about Global Data Systems and how we can help.

IT services

Find out more about Global Data Systems and how we can help.


Our Approach

Over the years, we’ve heard the frustrations of many business owners, CIOs and IT managers about the difficulties they’ve faced with their current IT providers. Many don’t want to deal with the hassle of switching or believe they can’t get out of their current agreement. Luckily, it’s easier than you think to get better IT services. Here is what you can expect when partnering with Global Data Systems:

Step 1

We listen to your current issues. In the background, we’ll assess your network environment while reviewing your existing IT agreements to assist with transitioning your business to Global Data Systems.

Step 2

We start working on a plan to resolve your IT issues. Then, we develop an onboarding strategy to get your network into our program, with or without your existing vendor’s cooperation.

Step 3

We execute the plan. We'll notify your current IT services provider on your behalf to inform them of your intentions of switching to Global Data Systems. You’re on your way to better IT service.

Step 4

We go live with our services. After solving your IT issues, we’ll continue monitoring your network with a team of IT professionals, providing help desk support whenever a problem arises.

2 —————— OUR VALUES

Our Values

Even though our methods and services have expanded over the years, our core values remain the same. Maintaining our reputation is vitally important to every member of our team. That is why keeping our client’s 100 percent satisfied is our top priority. To do that, our team strives to operate according to our values, including:

Be Great

We strive to improve our employee, customer and corporate interactions and processes. Ultimately, this helps enhance our value to our customers because we’re focused on being the best.

Pursue Growth & Learning

In our pursuit of high, sustainable growth, we create an environment of professional and personal development for each member of our team. This helps us retain the best of the best.

A Special Place to Work

Every day brings a new set of challenges in a continuously changing industry. We nurture a culture of camaraderie, passion and fun to create a sense of community and teamwork.


We strive to be the best at what we do every day, but we don’t run from it when we’re not. We take responsibility for all our actions, decisions and results instead of shifting the blame.


We’re open, honest and transparent in all interactions. Our honesty and willingness to do whatever it takes to make our clients successful drives our actions and communications.

Exhibit Loyalty & Commitment

Our commitment comes from our passion for solving complex business problems. We’re focused on servicing our clients and helping them achieve their business objectives.


Our customers' problems are our problems. We always put ourselves in their position as we assit them through their issues and concerns.

3 —————— CONTACT

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