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Global Data Systems, Inc. (GDS) was founded in 1991 by Joe Young, as a direct result of his experience helping create and working in a startup network support company in Boston. Joe learned what it took to operate a small startup and grow it into a multi-million dollar support organization, and he parlayed this knowledge and experience into what GDS is today—The IT Team of Choice for Greater Boston and Beyond!

Over the past 13 years we’ve grown tremendously, and expanded our focus from general Managed & Cloud Services, to providing specialized IT service in the areas of Healthcare, State & Local Government, and Finance.  During this time, we also acquired three companies with offices in three states, and now have customers throughout the United States.

Our History

*      Incorporated in 1991

*      1992 Acquires first Healthcare Contract

*      1995 Acquires first State Government Contract

*      1997 Creates Managed Services Program

*      2001 Operations Center & Help Desk separated

*      2001 Acquires first Fully Managed Hosting Customer contract

*      2001 Acquires first financial customer contract

*      2002 Creates Security Services Division

*      2005 GDS acquires SIMCO (HQ in Las Vegas, NV) and establishes our west coast office

*      2007 Architects/builds Tier I ASP Data Infrastructure

*      2007 GDS celebrates 10 Years of Providing Managed Services!

*      2007 GDS authorized GE Centricity® ASP Partner

*      2007 Launches ASP EMR & Practice Management Solution for Healthcare Facilities

*      2008 GDS acquires GlobalNet Solutions

*      2009 GDS adds Aprima EMR & PM Solution

*      2009 Over 150 Physicians on ASP Infrastructure

*      2011 Over 1,500 users on EMR/PM Hosted Infrastructure

*      2012 Acquires TNMT (HQ in Tilton, NH)

*      2012 GDS adds Allscripts, eCW, & Greenway IT Services

*      2013 Over 2,000 users on EMR/PM Infrastructure

Our Founder

Joe Young had a technical background when he began Global Data Systems, Inc. Earlierin his career, he was a Network Engineer at the Center for Clinical Computing (CCC) that provided all hardware and software services for both the Beth Israel and Brigham & Women’s Hospitals in Boston, MA. There he provided engineering support and maintenance on Data General mini-computers, along with the peripherals, networking, and operating systems for both hospitals.

Joe was also responsible for configuring and ultimately implementing the first local area network (Novell) that was fully integrated into the hospital mini-computer network. From there he helped to start up a network support organization, Metrotex, Inc., and provided network engineering support for Novell and Banyan Vines networks and peripherals. It was there that Joe got his first experience in a Sales Engineering position.

Later, Joe started GDS.  In the beginning, he was responsible for all technical aspects of the business.  But as the business has grown, so have his responsibilities. Today his primary responsibilities are providing strategic leadership and vision, and developing the sales and marketing efforts of the company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide superior customer support to our clients through innovativemeans, while fostering an environment that provides a professionally rewarding experience for our employees.

Simply stated:

Our Clients: Our overriding goal will always be to provide our clients with service and support that is second to none. We strive to be courteous, professional, responsive and informative, and to quickly resolve the issue(s) at hand. GDS professionals work to ensure our client interactions are always above and beyond their expectations.

Our Team: We strive to provide our employees the tools, training, and support they need to be the best in our industry— And we do so in an energetic and fun environment that fosters collaboration, for a professionally rewarding experience. We reward our team members with opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, to help them exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Services

We are proud to say that we offered Managed Services in 1997,before the term Managed Services had even been coined. As a pioneer in this area, we had the opportunity to use tools from Seagate, CA Unicenter, Silverback Technologies, and N-Able. We’ve grown from providing hourly services to cloud services, and everything in between.

Today we offer Managed Services along with cloud services both via our data center and partnerships with BDR and VoIP providers. We also specialize in providing IT support and service in three industries – Healthcare, State & Local Governments, and Finance.

We support Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the healthcare market, and provide customized integration services as well. We also have an extensive subject-matter expertise in ARRA, HIPAA, Meaningful Use Stage 1 & 2, ICD-10, etc.

In the State & Local Government market we were just awarded a Massachusetts State contract (Massachusetts State Contract ITS 53) that allows us to directly sell our services to these government entities, without the need to go through the costly bid process.

What sets us apart from the rest?  Our specialized expertise, in-depth knowledge, broad-based experience, business background, and excellent customer service!   

Global Data Systems Is Your Team of Choice In Greater Boston and Beyond.

Still not convinced?  Contact us at (888) 849-6818 or email us at info@GDSConnect.com for a free, no-obligation IT Assessment— And you will be!   

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